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Independent State of Azawad

The Independent State of Azawad was declared in April 2012 by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) with control over Timbuktu, Kidal, Gao, and part of Mopti region. It has the intention of establishing a secular government, and freeing the region from corrupt and ineffective Malian rule.

The Economic Community of West African States refused to recognize Azawad, or to come to the aid of the MNLA, which was under attack by foreign-influenced extremists.

Belatedly the international community heeded the MNLA call for assistance as Azawad was plundered and terrorized by extremists. The MNLA and a French-led coalition freed the country from tyranny, while the MNLA tried to resolve its territorial differences with the government of Mali.

The MNLA continues to seek international recognition for Azawad. Despite the peaceful intentions of the MNLA, it has had to defend itself from aggressive actions by the Malian Army, and human rights violations against citizens of Tuareg origin.

The OEAS and its members are pleased to welcome the courageous people of the Independent State of Azawad. The OEAS supports Azawad and the MNLA in its struggle for complete independence, and against foreign influences in Azawad. The OEAS looks forward to assisting Azawad and the MNLA achieve full political and economic self-determination, as well as a free country in which the rights of all its citizens are respected and protected.

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Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD
Chief Administrative Officer OEAS

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