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Biafra Government in Exile

The Declaration of Biafra Independence Tuesday May 30, 1967:
A Recommittal to the Declaration of Biafra Independence, Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fellow Biafrans:

Forty years following the original declaration of Biafra Independence, we Biafrans rise today to re-commit ourselves to this noble declaration, its spirit, substance and implications, our Independence being our right and our destiny, and a manifestation and symbolism of our Freedom and Liberty. Those forty years have validated the wisdom and propriety of the declaration of Biafra Independence: these forty years do now compel the re-actualization of Independent Biafra. Having witnessed and experienced, all these years, the unrelenting stranglehold of Nigeria on Biafra; Unwilling to continue to suffer under the pernicious policies of Nigeria against Biafra and Biafrans; Certain that a future under Nigeria, based on past and present facts and realities, does not exist for us Biafrans, except as exploited and dehumanized slaves rendered worthless as human beings;

Understanding that, in any case, Nigeria is a failed State barely kept going by mocking and unconscionable patronization by outside Stakeholder-Powers and Principalities; and refusing to allow ourselves to be throttled and dragged down with Nigeria;

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, THE PEOPLE AND NATION OF BIAFRA, DO DECLARE THAT: (i) We re-affirm the original declaration of the Independence of Biafra (ii) We are taking charge of our own collective Destiny as an Independent Sovereign Nation of Biafra (iii) We undertake the actualizing of Independent Biafra as a natural task to claim a Natural right (iv) We know that the Law and Rules of civil Humanity are on our side: Self Determination is an inalienable Natural right; it is recognized in the United Nations Charter; we exercise this right to actualize Independent Biafra. In making and re-affirming this declaration, we make neither war, nor peace, with Nigeria: we merely exercise our right as a people and a nation, which is our prerogative, and of which there is plenty of precedence. It is our desire to enter into negotiations with Nigeria to resolve "negotiables" peacefully. An Independent Biafra restores stability and security to the region, allowing the people and their environment to heal and finally to thrive, while at the same time, creating a favorable climate for International business and commerce. An Independent Biafra is a fresh infusion of Hope for Africa which we are determined to turn into fulfillment for all. Long live the Independent Nation of Biafra! And may God continue to protect her and all those who live in her.

Contact: biafra@oeas.info