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The Chairman

The Chairman of the OEAS is Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr.

Mr. Akwanga is a tireless fighter against neo imperialism in Africa. He was sentenced to 20 years hard labor by the government of the Cameroons and served seven years in prison while enduring torture, solitary confinement, and extreme hardship. he was freed due to an international campaign led by Amenesty International. He has survived 10 assasination attempts and is known as the Nelson mandela of West Africa. The Chairman is in the final stages of obtaining a MA in Diplomacy from Norwich University and completing his long ago interrupted education. He resides in the Washington DC metropolitan area with his family.

The Chief Administrative Officer of the OEAS is Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD. Dr. Levy is an attorney, advocate, barrister, and solicitor and has represented numerous exile governments.