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Declaration of Washington Establishing the Organization of Emerging African States

African peoples in the course of their history have been the victims of economic and political enslavement from within and without. The end of colonialism has not alleviated the plight of many Africans peoples who are still held in military subjection by aggressive, corrupt, and autocratic governments.

1. All just African governments derive their authority and power from the will of the people — unjust African governments ignore the will of the people.

2. It is the inalienable right of African peoples to organize their own governments based on principles that will best promote their welfare, happiness, and liberty.

3. The free and natural desires of any nation of peoples for liberty shall be allowed to develop unhindered unless it threatens or harms the common interest of all Africans.

4. There shall be no secret diplomacy that supports the status quo and unjust colonial era boundaries that hinder the development of self determination.

5. African peoples having common ideals and purposes shall coordinate their efforts to secure the liberty of their individual nations in order to promote overall stability and peace.

6. There shall be formed a league or organization of exiled African peoples seeking just government and self determination known as The Organization of Emerging African States.

The undersigned governments have suffered the destruction of their homes and lands by aggressors and occupiers. Despite persecution these governments have maintained their ideals in exile and stealth. The tyranny of the oppressors has not extinguished the hidden flame of liberty. They have been denied free speech, proper representation and fair trial. They have been denied the right to assemble, protest, and associate. They have been denied the right to enter into diplomatic discourse. Their peoples have been impressed into economic servitude, military service against their wills, and their economic resources exploited without fair return.

The signers of this document and those who may subsequently subscribe to it commit themselves to bringing forth the principles set forth herein.