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Kabylia (or Kabylie)

Kabylia is located in northern Algeria, and has an area of over 25,000 km². The Kabyle people (Kabylian: Leqbayel  [ⵍⴻⵇⴱⴰⵢⴻⵍ]) represent the largest Berber-speaking population of Algeria, and the second largest in Africa. Emigration, influenced by factors such as the French conquest of Algeria, deportation, and later industrial decline and unemployment, resulted in Kabyle people being found throughout the world. Large populations of Kabyle people settled in France, and to a lesser extent in Canada.

The Provisional Government of Kabylia (Kabylian: Anavaḍ Aqvayli Uɛḍil ; French: Gouvernement Provisoire Kabyle) is seeking non violent self-determination for the more than ten million residents of Kabylia, and an end to forced Arabization policies of the current Algerian government.

Kabylia has a long history of autonomy, and its mountain strongholds were never fully subdued by the Romans, Arabs, or Turks. They also offered fierce resistance to the French colonialists in the 19th century.

The President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia is Ferhat Mehenni. He is also the leader of the Paris-based Mouvement pour l'autonomie de la Kabylie (MAK). In 2010, Mr. Ferhat Mahenni declared the founding of the provisional government, which has attracted support worldwide.

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