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Kabinda & Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda (FLEC)

Kabinda (Cabinda), formerly known as the Portuguese Congo, consists of territory of approximately 2800 square miles. In 1885 the independent rulers of Cabinda city and its environs entered into a treaty, the Treaty of Simulambuco, with the government of the Kingdom of Portugal establishing a Protectorate over much of present day Cabinda. In 1954 the Portuguese President reaffirmed the treaty by establishing a monument to it at Cabinda Bay.

FLEC was founded in 1963 through the efforts of Cabindan patriots seeking independence from Portugal. In the 1960's and 1970's FLEC repeatedly petitioned the United Nations, African Union-OAU and Portugal for independence. In 1963 the Organization for African Unity recognized the division of Angola and Cabinda by ranking Cabinda as the 39th state still to be decolonised and Angola as the 35th. The Portuguese Constitution of 1971 maintained the distinction between Cabinda and Angola. In 1975, the Alvor Conference in Portugal, between the colonial power and UNITA, MPLA, and FNLA declared the annexation of Cabinda by Angola without any Cabindan input or participation.

FLEC and the struggle for Cabindan self determination has been the most sustained and long standing African self determination movement since 1963 and against all odds has fended off oil company mercenaries, Cubans, Portuguese, South Africans, MPLA, FNLN, and UNITA forces. Now FLEC stresses non violent conflict resolution and has appending case with African Union. FLEC leadership does not want to see Cabinda turned into a bloody battleground as occurred during the Angolan civil war between UNITA and the MPLA.

In 1975 Cabinda unilaterally declared independence and FLEC has continuously maintained control of significant portion of the countryside. The Premier of the Republic of Kabinda and Secretary General of FLEC is Dr. Joel Batila.

Contact: cabinda@oeas.info

For more information see: http://www.cabindanation.net