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Principado Ilhéu da Pontinha

The Principality of Ilhéu da Pontinha was created by Royal Charter by King Carlos of Portugal in 1903, granting sovereignty to the owners of the "fort and the rock upon which it stands." The Fort of Saint José is the headquarters of the Principality of the Pontinha, led by Prince D. Renato Barros. The Fort of Saint José is located off the coast of the port of Funchal, capital of the Madeira Islands, an autonomous region of Portugal. Madeira is part of the African Tectonic plate, which makes it part of the African continent geographically.


The Principality of Ilhéu da Pontinha is active in international relations and a supporter of human rights. Prince Renato since declaring his intent to seek political and economic self determination from Portugal has sought international recognition for the Principality of Ilhéu da Pontinha and a proposed 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Atlantic Ocean.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD
Chief Administrative Officer OEAS

For more information on Principado Ilhéu da Pontinha contact:

Kevin Anthony Lord Allmond
UK Diplomatic Mission to Principado Ilhéu da Pontinha
Tel: +44 (0)1535 643129
Email: ambassador@pontinhauk.co.uk
Web: http://www.pontinhauk.co.uk